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Top Summer Dressing Sense Ideas for the Ladies


Summer is an exquisite time of the year when scorching heat and fashion move simultaneously. It’s a season of vacations, parties, weddings, barbeques and balls which immensely gift you opportunities to dress up and have fun. When the days are full of light, bright colored and dazzling get ups are in line with vacation spirit. The article is about the top fashion elements of summer.

Keeping cool must be the prime motto

Keeping cool must be the prime motto of any fashion outfit in summer. Therefore, sticking to loose fitting natural fabrics in lighter shades is highly recommendable in this season. A little bit thicker clothing will look flattering but it may steal the comfort and may annoy you in times during daytime.

Women’s t-shirt

Women’s t-shirt is a generic option that suits every mood in summers. T-shirts are something that can be put on long skirts or lose trousers. It’s the best option to enhance fashion as well as displays your body shape perfectly and makes you look fashionable.

Tunic tops

Tunic top with a neutral trouser is a best choice

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Top Fashion Bags of the Season


These days, there’s no denying the fact that arm candy is just as important as what you’ve put on. Your bags make a loud fashion statement and no dress is complete without just the right kind of bags. For fashion conscious women, bags and shoes are an expression of their personal style, mood and identity. So, what are the most popular bags of the season?

Handheld bags:
These bags are the rage this season. Handheld bags are large bags that can pack everything from a makeup set to mobile chargers, a couple of phones and even an essential change of clothing. These bags have detachable straps and are versatile when it comes to carrying a lot of stuff. Some of the best brands have come up with a scrunchy style that looks petite and stylish. Handheld bags need not be for any particular time of the day. Whether you’re stepping out to the supermarket or enjoying a night out with your friends, there is no reason why you can’t carry a smart handheld bag.


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Women s Shoes How to Pick the Perfect Pair of Fashion Shoes and Look Gorgeous in Them


The art of picking the best pair of womens shoes is to know what you’re looking for. Shoes should only be chosen because you look good in them and not because they are the current fashion trends.

These are the 5 important steps to finding the perfect shoe style:

1. Body Shape

Scientific research has shown that you and I are attracted to symmetry, so that’s why an hourglass figure is considered as ideal because of the equal weight on top and bottom. Basically speaking, you need a pair of shoes that balance out your body shape without making any part of your body look heavier than the rest.

So if you’re top-heavy or wider on top you should look for fashion shoes that bring more attention and width to your legs like a pair of bright colored shoes or anything with details and shine, or if you’re bottom-heavy you’ll look best in shoes that are simple and won’t highlight your hips and legs.

 2. Height

Eyes are attracted to the longest-looking line so

The Simple Guide To Fashion Accessories

What if there were no accessories to go with our new fall wardrobe? The jewelry, beads, gems, watches, hats, sunglasses, scarves, boots and any others you can think of are necessary. If you want to keep up with current fashion trends, you should have accessories that are in vogue and work well with your wardrobe.

Buy Fashion Accessories Online – What’s In

There is a great assortment of accessories for your wardrobe online; Lena sunglasses with a design on the side pieces which are usually flowers or other small objects. Then there are Becca wrap sunglasses that appear to wrap around the face. These are quite stylish and work well with most face shapes and style of clothing. The butterfly sunglasses tend to give the impression of wings depending on how the side pieces are shaped. Buy sunglasses, but try on several different designs and colors to be certain you get the ones that fit well and enhance your favorite outfits.

Belts are interesting and they can give you a whole new look, depending on what you are wearing. If you are wearing slacks and a longer jacket or blouse, a thin belt in a

Mini Top Hats Different Uses and How to Select the Best Accessory

Top hats are among the most popular fashion head accessories that have been around for over two hundred years. Over their long life, hats’ original design has been altered severally. In addition to that, the fashion designers have changed the materials that were used to make hats in the olden days. This explains why you can find different looking hats in the vintage stores. Mini top hats are a major type that became overly trendy during the World War I.

This is the reason why these hats are worn with the vintage clothing such as the Victorian outfits. Today people wear a mini top hat as part of the clubbing outfits. These hats are good complements for gothic lifestyle as well. Do you know why wearing a hat is fun? Any style of a hat has a unique wearing technique. So, if you buy different top hats you will not look the same way all the times. Some mini hats are tilted to the front to make them sit perched over your eyebrow.

The mini top hats you are likely to buy have a slim style and elastic to make sure they snugly sit on your

Black Top Hat Why This Hat is Good For You and Where to Buy It

Wearing a hat is a brilliant idea for those people who want to look trendy. Hats are different in terms of shape, size, color, materials and their functions. Some hats are bought to ensure head safety while others depict fashion and style. Top hats are examples of fashion hats. They have been worn for over two centuries now. Over the years hats have been redesigned to meet the current standards. This explains why you are free to buy both vintage and modern hats. You should specifically go for a black top hat. The rich and famous businessmen particularly wore this hat when attending both night and day occasions.

They were preferred to other designer hat styles because they could create a fake illusion of tallness, elegance and charm. Normally a hat is flat topped, wide brimmed and tall. It can be of any color but of course many men like it black. During the olden days, black top hats for upper class people were originally made of the felt fabric. Later on, designers of hats discovered that silk was sexy, lovelier and classy. Many hats that were worn during upscale weddings and parties were specifically made of

Giving the Heads Up For Men s Hats As a Fashion Accessory

Since the dawn of time people have been wearing, I wouldn’t say hats, but head coverings. Reaching back as early as primitive man, animal skins have been used to protect the head against the elements and to protect against falling objects or head injuries, these could be considered the earliest forms of men’s hats.

As time progresses, changes and alterations are made to everything in order to keep them up to date or improve the concept, the humble men’s hat is no different to this. As times pass the hat has taken on many roles, for example protective Roman helmets made of Bronze, these weren’t only used for protective purposes but also to emphasise rank and importance as well as define the differences between legions, there were over 30 different types of helmet used during Roman rule, each helmet was made to fit a purpose from heavy infantry to foot soldier.

It was during the 14th and 15th century that we started wearing hats as an accessory, men more so than women, men’s hats became an important fashion accessory and since those times the trend has just continued to grow. Hats were made from various materials,

Details You Should Discover About a Vintage Top Hat

Known by different names are the popular hats. They were introduced in the fashion scene in 1797. Though the first impression was not good, hats became irresistible twenty years later, among royalties. Even the lowly workmen could wear hats just like the rich and the famous. The only difference between hats worn by upper and lower socio classes was the manufacturing material. The sovereigns’ top hats were made of premium quality felted beaver fur. The workingmen’s hats were made of rabbit fur. Later, this vintage top hat became part of the uniforms worn by the postmen or the police force.

In other words, the hats became a sign of authority. By the mid 1850 and the beginnings of 20th century, these vintage hats signified wealth and fame. The renowned businessmen could wear them during the formal or upscale occasions. At this point, the colors of those vintage hats were very important. Mainly the top hats for daytime were gray while those worn at night were black. Black top hats could also be worn during the day or night. These head accessories had become irresistibly fashionable and lovely. Those who wore them looked taller, lovely and very polished.

Cool Fashion Logos Ideas to Unscrew the Lid of Your Creative Jar

Fashion is the talk of the town. Because of the active presence of media, most of our choices in daily lives revolve around latest trends. For a newbie in the industry, it is very important to create a first impression that is distinct and lasting. What better way to do that than to use your brand mark for that purpose?

So if you’re trying to create an emblem for your new fashion company targeted towards women, what images should you use?

Here are some ideas for cool fashion logos that can help you unscrew the lid of your creative jar.

1. Use Female Accessories:

Do you own a shoe store?

Then how about using a glass slipper in your business symbol or maybe an illustration of an orange pumpkin?

Using stylish accessories is a great way to denote fashion and sophistication. You can use a tiara or a wide brimmed hat or you can also use an intricate earring or bracelet in your logo design. Another great idea is to show a shadow illustration of a woman looking at her image in the mirror with one earring and a necklace. You can

Top Fashion Ideas To Know If You Want To Master How To Attract Women

A pretty lady can tell quite a bit about a guy before he even says a word to her. Some women are very good at analyzing non verbal cues, which consist of body language gestures, self-confidence levels, as well as knowledge of fashion from a man. This is why it is worthwhile for you to incorporate a fashionable look while you learn how to attract women, otherwise you are going to find it hard to succeed.

One thing you’ll need to acknowledge before I explain the fashion tips is that different types of women enjoy a variety of different looks on guys. I am going to leave you with thoughts to consider but in the end you need to know the style of fashion that the type of woman you are interested in enjoy. Knowing that offers you an advantage for dressing the part and introducing a touch of subconscious appeal in her. I will list the things I understand to be the most significant aspects of an excellent attire, starting with most important, moving towards the least.

Curiously, shoes are the most critical element to take notice of. A lot of women have a weakness

Men s Top Fashion and Style Trends Hats and Caps

One accessory that too many men shrug off as they view it as too garish is the hat or cap. They do not realize that they can add the additional appeal which their garments need by just putting on the appropriate hat. Whether the outfit is casual or elegant a properly fitting hat will go a long way.

Casual Hats – Kangol, Cuffley, Ascot Caps and Bucket Hats

  • Kangol or Baileys are well known and well loved designs and they are classified as ascot or flat caps. Although these brands are linked to fine quality you can buy non designer labels and attain the identical outcomes. The main factors to consider is the fit of the hat and the materials used to create it.
  • The ascot cap is inaccurately called a Kangol cap mainly because of how people make the association. Such a hat is the perfect complement to casual outfits or to obtain a more casual or relaxed impression. This specific design has always been a choice of fashion forward young and older men. It is especially accepted among men in the arts like writers, artists and musicians.
  • For defense against the detrimental effects of the sun

Functional Fashionable Hats Have Always Been Around

A hat is an accessory worn on the head for decorative purpose or to protect you from the heat of the sun or cold weather. Many people have used hats as an ornament, as a social status symbol, and as protection throughout the times. There are so many styles and forms of hats to choose from.

The wide-brimmed hat made of straw is considered the oldest kind of hat. People are seen wearing this type to shield themselves from the harmful rays of the sun. It is believed that the straw hat probably started as soon as people learned how to grow grain in agricultural land areas. Replacing a lost or damaged straw hat is easy since weaving, braiding, or sewing straw to form the hat is quite easy to do.

In the earlier times, hats have been worn for protection. It didn’t take long for people to use it as accessory or as a symbol. An example of a hat used as a symbol is the Phrygian cap of ancient Greece and Rome. Many slaves who were granted their freedom used this cap as a symbol. Royalties and monarchs, of course, use the crown to

Girls Fashion Shoes and Boots Really Don t Have To Be Higher Priced

A pair of brand-new shoes could not heal a broken heart or soothe a throbbing headache but they will ease the symptoms. Now this assertion echos that shoes are of tremendous importance and they’re an important component of style. The foundation of girls shoes dates back to prior to Christ. In some areas of the planet, they are symbolic of status.

Girls are especially finicky with regards to shoes compared with gentlemen. Besides necklaces, designer bags and clothes, there is definitely something unique about girls shoes. With all the moving of time, women’s shoes have changed. On normal time periods we usually experience a new style in boots and shoes. Extremely interestingly, every latest style is a reinvention of styles from quite a few years ago with some added uniqueness in the design.

As well as style and the design of ladies boots or shoes, an additional important element that really needs to be considered, will be the price. We all would like or need inexpensive shoes and boots, particularly for every day use however we still really wish some thing eye-catching. Cheap women’s shoes aren’t only affordable but they can be designer inspired as well

Behind the Logos The Humble and Surprising Beginnings of 5 Top Fashion Design Labels

We know the designer labels. We know the logos. In fact, we’re on a first (or last) name basis with them. But fashion labels have become such brand entities that we can forget that at one point in history there was actually a person with that name who started the company. And in many cases, these designers sold merchandise quite different than what the brand is known for today. So let’s take a trip through fashion design history and meet some of these founders.

Louis Vuitton. Thanks to its LV monogram and logo, Louis Vuitton is one of the world’s most recognized designer labels. Born in 1811, Louis Vuitton was a layetier, or luggage packer, for prominent families in Paris. Luggage packing was considered an art because traveling could take months and months, requiring many changes of wardrobe. Eventually, he became the official layetier to Napoleon III’s wife, Empress Eugenie. Armed with knowledge about what makes a good packing case, Vuitton began designing his own luggage in 1854. He invented the stackable flat trunk; previously, luggage was dome-shaped, so rain would run off more easily.

Ferragamo. The luxury shoe and clothing brand’s founder Salvatore Ferragamo, born

Tips on How to Buy Top Fashions Like Skirts and Shorts

Buying fashion items need not be long day at the shopping mall for you girls, as the world of fashion is at your fingertips on the internet. The range of websites offering clothes – dresses, shorts, skirts, tops and shoes – is vast, and if you want accessories there are websites that offer bags, watches, sunglasses and more galore, with a simple web search all you need to find an array of items available to buy without leaving the house.

For dresses the choice is amazing, from high street to designer the internet offers a wide choice of styles, prices, colours and cuts, and the process is easy to use and easy to learn. If you know your size, simply look among the stock available at a number of websites – a quick search on one of the many search engines will give you plenty of sites to browse – in their on-line catalogues and choose the items you require.

Safe and secure

Paying on line is safe and secure if you make sure you are using a reputable and reliable supplier – many are household names so easily recognisable – and delivery is swift

Fashionable Shoes For Women What Are the Best Ones For You

Another year, another line in fashionable shoes, so, what’s hot and what’s not in footwear fashion for 2011. Well, we can say that the uppers are going to be a little taller, the heels too, and the colours and styles a lot bolder than ever before.

When it comes to footwear, it is fair to say that women are the luckiest – fortunately, really, as all women tend to love shoes – fashionable footwear is much more exciting for women, because shoe trends move so quickly, there are always new footwear fashions with which to experiment. So what are the latest styles available in shoes for women? Here, we will discuss some the top styles, and the most fashionable up and coming trends in footwear.

Military Boots
Perfect for the winter, spring, and autumn months, military boots are going to be hot news in fashion circles this year, a trend that will probably last a few years – much like the UGG-style boot trend of recent years.

Military boots, as the name suggests, are modelled on the style of footwear worn by members of the Armed Forces, they come in a range of sub-styles, but

Go for the Ideal Pair of Ladies Fashion Shoes to Get Noticed

Shoes’ play a very important role in every women’s life. It not only comforts your feet but also brings a charming effect on yourself. Shoes talk about your personality and your lifestyle. They help in completing your look. A mismatched pair will never bring out your true beauty. If you are really conscious about your style statement and fashion, then you must look out for ladies fashion shoes.

Fashion can be well reflected through your accessories and dress. Probably, it is believed that ladies fashion footwear is one of the most significant accessory amongst all. You will find a huge variety of ladies fashionable wear in the market. The strappy ankle boots and knee boots are more popular in this variety. Presently knee boots have drawn a large number of customers because of its latest popularity in the industry. They are mainly worn over the knee and embellished with stylish tassels, beautiful studs and stones. Most of these shoes are made out of flat soles thereby ensuring a comfortable wear for everyone. If fashion is your prime concern yet you are looking for flat sole footwear then you can go for this form of boots.


Gladiator Shoes Are the Best Ladies Fashion Shoes

Ladies fashion shoes have come up to meet the requirements of fashion for women. However, in today’s date the ladies fashion shoes are also designed keeping in mind the needs of comfort and protection as well. Since women have to move out every day like men they require shoes that would keep their feet comfortable and relaxed. One such shoe which provides both fashion as well as comfort is the gladiator shoes.

The gladiator shoes basically are the ultimate shoe for style. It is generally renowned for its variety of straps. These straps together form a distinct “T”. Since they are topped in the fashion charts, they have been a great rage as ladies fashion shoes.

As days are advancing, more and more recent innovations are brought into these ladies fashion shoes both in terms of style and comfort. Currently these court shoes are available in plenty of varieties which have come out to be a lot different from those of the ancient shoes. Now the court shoes are available not only in flats but at the same time in zippers and heels as well. Apart from the variation in style, there has also been a

Eco Friendly Fashion Footwear Cruelty Free Fashion Shoes Every Woman Must Have This Fall

Most Vegan women like myself dread of the thought that over 35 million beautiful, intelligent animals are killed just for their fur or leather on their backs (and that’s only the wintertime!), but that doesn’t stop us from being every bit as stylish as our carnivorous counterparts. Except for the fact, that we only want cruelty-free fashion, we have the same desire to collect dozens upon dozens of sandals, sneakers, loafers, flip-flops, knee-high boots, and other footwear for our shoe wardrobe. Ten years ago, this would have been a challenge – one that would seem almost impossible as all vegan shoes practically looked the same.

Nowadays, finding cruelty-free shoes isn’t as hard as it sounds. Now more than ever, companies are beginning to cater to those with a cruelty-free fashion sense and are now offering a wider variety to choose from. As this trend continues to emerge, the only challenge you will have is figuring out how many shoes do you really need. You’ll have to begin asking yourself how many of them do you really love, and how many fit well, complement your fashion style and are versatile enough to serve multiple purposes.

Here are

Choose the Fashion Shoes First Then the Outfit

If you are anything like me then you would know that choosing an outfit is quite challenging. I could stand before the wardrobe for a long time before I make my choice. I, then, decided that perhaps I should decide on my fashion shoe first so that the rest could follow.

After I made this realisation, everything just fell into place. Let’s face it, every woman wants to wear every shoe in her wardrobe but never gets the chance to. I’ll tell why that is so. You decide on your outfit first which means your choice of shoes is dictated by what you’re wearing. In turn, you miss out on many opportunities to wear your fashion shoes. For example, the other day I let my outfit dictate my shoe choice and this is how it went. I wanted to be comfortable so I opted for a pair of blue denims paired with a lovely spring halter neck top. The top was a light pink shade which meant I could only wear my light pink sandals and not my red hot high heel shoes. Do you see what happened there? I really wanted to wear those red sexy